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We're not your conventional people consultancy firm, rather we're the equivalent of a much-needed breath of fresh air in the world of Human Resources. Our firm is built on the foundation of deep commitment by Tara Furiani and Justin Boggs to advocate for inclusivity, promote mental wellness, and champion a healthier work environment, especially for the often marginalized Women, LGBTQ, Black, Brown, and BIPOC communities.

We have developed our unique SAIL Leadership methodology, a potent amalgam of Self-care, Accountability, Influence, and Learning. We don’t just spout off these terms; we instill them into the heart of our strategy, building a work environment that embraces vulnerability, honesty, and growth.

So, what do we bring to the table for your organization?

Keynote Speaking: Think captivating, relevant, and inspiring. Our keynote speeches are far from the usual corporate talk. We bring wit, energy, and actionable insights to the event, every single time.

HR & DEI Consulting: We’re here to tackle the issues that are often brushed under the rug - from diversity and inclusion to mental wellness. Our consulting services go beyond the theoretical to implement practical solutions that genuinely change the way people experience their workplaces.

Executive Teambuilding & Meeting Facilitation: We aren't about playing games and calling it 'teambuilding.' Our approach is about fostering authentic connections and seamless collaboration at the executive level.

Executive Team Coaching: We take good teams and transform them into powerhouses of productivity and positivity. We provide coaching that is geared towards tapping into unexplored potential and inspiring effective leadership.

Leadership Retreats: Imagine a retreat that combines professional growth and recreational activities. Our leadership retreats are uniquely designed to promote skill development in a refreshing, engaging environment.

Brand Partnerships: We seek collaborations that add value to all parties involved. If you are a brand that aligns with our mission, we're open to exploring how we can join forces to promote a more inclusive, supportive workplace.

Books & More: We've penned several books like "F*ck Your Office Snacks," and "SAIL Leadership" Our publications offer practical insights on issues as diverse as work-life balance, effective management, and the critical importance of paid time off.

With Not the HR Lady, you aren’t just getting a consultancy firm; you’re engaging with a dedicated partner determined to transform your workplace into an arena of positivity, productivity, and true respect for diversity.

Let's redefine the world of work together. Reach out to us and see how we can inspire change and elevate your workplace culture.

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